Bosley – “Just Like You”

"Just Like You" - Honey Pig

“They did this with their own wit and their own creativity. Their will to act on it resulted in one of the most creative videos I think you guys will ever come across.” – DIYPhotography / Maaz Khan

“It’s musician Bosley and his video for “Just Like You” that caught our attention most recently. Filmed over the course of nine months, it required that the director go to some interesting lengths to capture the footage he wanted.

The video was put together by Director Matthew Riggieri and Director of Photography Michael Patrick O’Leary, who needed to figure out a way to make a steady video of the same performance in the same location every day for nine months.” – Peta Pixel / DL Cade

Directed by Matthew Riggieri
Cinematography by Michael Patrick O’Leary