Bosley – “Sharpshooter”

"Sharpshooter" - Honey Pig

“Hot music, fast cars, faster women, big guns, explosions, and sexy, choreographed dance numbers, this is Bosley in a nutshell. From the debut album “Honey Pig” comes the smokin’ hit single, Sharpshooter. Bosley’s on the hunt for the woman of his dreams and this time he won’t let anything stand in his way. Follow Bosley on an explosive, gun-toting rampage around the city as he sings, dances and shoots his way through downtown Baltimore.” -Bosley Music

On the heels of “Neon Magazine” Bosley upstages himself with an all out assault concept. The clever design of sharpshooter is a collaboration across all creative departments.

Directed by Matthew Riggieri
Cinematography by Michael Patrick O’Leary
Choreography by Judy Kurjan