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Brewmore | Baltimore chronicles the rich history of the beer industry
nationally and locally through the eyes of Baltimore, its history as a brewing
empire and its vision to reclaim the past. Feature Documentary, 65 mins.

Brewmore | Baltimore is the story about one of the largest industries in the
United States: beer. At nearly $100 billion in annual sales, the U.S. beer
market is ever growing. This film focuses on the beer industry from a
localized perspective in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Like many urban
centers across the country, Baltimore is seeing revitalization in its downtown
and expanding city limits as well as a reemergence of its beer industry.
Authors Maureen O’Prey (“Brewing in Baltimore”) and Rob Kasper (“Baltimore
Beer”) chronicle the rich, storied history of beer in Charm City along with an
eclectic cast of local brewers and entrepreneurs. Brewmore | Baltimore is not
just about beer making in one city, but about an economy that shaped
American culture.

Featured in: Maryland Film Festival, “Best Local Film” Skyline Independent Film Festival, “Food Filmmaker of the Year” New York City Food Film Festival.